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Martial Arts Uniform Only From Myrtle Industries

Why Martial Arts Uniform From Myrtle Industries Are Important?

As you may have speculated, Myrtle Industries is pleased to be announced it’s very new product Martial Arts Uniform. We were established 38 years back in Sialkot City, and we’ve been here ever since. Although we did have to move to a bigger building to keep up with demand!

Here we make several of the items Myrtle sell including uniforms of all shapes and sizes.

Produce With Quality & Care

We care about the items we make, we know that they are top-notch. We have gear and apparel for just about every art you can imagine. All of them are uniquely crafted to suit the art they’re intended for. Myrtle carries taekwondo uniforms which are typically much lighter.

Here we have couple of more examples of the uniforms we deliver. Kung fu uniforms have a bigger gusset, giving opportunity of motion while kicking. We also provides Judo Suits, Karate Suits &  Taekwondo Suits. Myrtle Industries offers all of these products, and many more…

Martial Arts Uniform Only From Myrtle Industries
Martial Arts Uniform Only From Myrtle Industries

Variety of Materials and Weights

To many Martial Arts Professionals, the weight of their uniform is similarly as vital as the fit and feel of material. Therefore, We are excited to provide a broad range of weights, so everybody can get their ideal uniform.


No matter how you use your customized uniforms, Myrtle Industries’s Martial Arts is here to help as your companion in boosting martial arts! If you don’t already offer a customized uniforms, apparel, and work wears, contact your Myrtle’s customer service representative today to get started!