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Get The Best Options On Leather Baking Mittens

There are many reasons for using heat resistant leather baking mittens in the bakery. Flammable clothing can lead to severe burn injuries in case of an accident involving fire or heat. We hope that this guide will help you get the best options on leather baking mittens.

World is full of experts who are absolutely incredible when they come to bake anything in the bakery. Baking is passion for them because it creates a great impact on their overall health. Only a baker knows the importance and benefits of baking which are more then anything. Recent reports have shown that baking boosts confidence, increases concentration and gives bakers a sense of achievement.

But Baking is always not a best option for those who avoid safety measures. A baker should know that “life” itself is an incomplete word but “life with safety” is an entire world. Baker must know how much baking can harmful for their life without wearing protective work wears. All bakers should follow proper safety rules and regulations before going to bake.

Hands of the bakers are always in danger. Every year, too many people cut and burn their hands while baking in the bakery. These injuries can be serious, sometimes resulting in amputation of the hand. But now, hands of the baker can be prevented from any serious burn injury because Myrtle have launched many best options on leather baking mittens & gloves for all bakers. Purpose behind the launch of such products is to make sure the safety of the hands of all professional bakers.

Get The Best Options On Leather Baking Mittens:

get the best options on leather baking mittens          get the best options on leather baking mittens

get the best options on leather baking mittens         get the best options on leather baking mittens


  • EN: 407:2004 Protective gloves against thermal risks heat and/ or fire
    For a performance classifications of 4,1,3,x,4,x
  • EN: 388:2003 Protective gloves against mechanical risks
    For a performance classification of 3,3,2,4

MYRTLE has created many safety options for all professional bakers who are absolutely tremendous when they come to bake anything in the kitchen. Myrtle always looks forward to improve and create innovations in the field of protection of the bakers. That’s why we are manufacturing all type of leather baking mittens and gloves since 1979. We are expert in dealing all kind of protective work wears and gloves. Our protective products are best in quality and have cheap rates as compared to others. We provide our services to all over the world so the people get more secured by using our products. We have wide range of cotton oven mittens. To see our products visit our official website


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