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Safety is a Cheap and Effective Insurance Policy

Safety is a Cheap and Effective Insurance Policy

and we believe in keeping you safe. A famous report shows that one-third of the total companies are unaware of how much hand injuries are costing their business. Every year, too many people cut and burn their hands while baking in the bakery. These injuries can be serious, sometimes resulting in amputation of the hand. Preventing injury should be a number one priority at any work site. luckily they are avoidable. If you follow our suggestions then the chances of any injury will be reduced to 90%.

    • Wear proper protective wears before going to cook bakery or confectionery.
    • Avoid excessive use of cell phones or any electronic devices in the bakery.
    • Make Sure your hands are fully covered with the Cotton mittens or leather mittens.
Safety is a Cheap and Effective Insurance Policy
Use proper protective wear while baking

MYRTLE INDUSTRIES has created many safety options for all professional bakers who are absolutely tremendous when they come to bake anything in the kitchen. Myrtle always looks forward to improve and create innovations in the field of protection of the bakers. That’s why we are manufacturing all type of cottons oven mittens and gloves since 1979. We are expert in dealing all kind of protective work wears and gloves. Our protective products are best in quality and have cheap rates as compared to others. We provide our services to all over the world so the people get more secured by using our products. We have wide range of cotton oven mittens. To see our products visit our official website
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