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Safety of the People Shall be the Highest Law

Hands are the primary thing that get presented to potential damage. Hands should be the main thing on the minds of bakers and chefs. Hand protection is not a new development. Gloves are considered important for the safety of the hands while baking. Safety equipment manufacturers are producing different types of gloves and mittens including leather baking mittens, cotton oven mittens etc. Safety of the people shall be the highest law.

It is possible to minimize the risk of any injury during baking if we protect our hands by wearing proper protective work wears. Protective work wears are the first line of defense against any injury. Bakers must be careful to select the glove or mitten according to their job. Improper selection could be more dangerous than the actual risk itself.
Safety of the People Shall be the Highest Law

Safety of the people shall be the highest law:

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